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  • Post Date:October 30, 2022
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  • Career Level Officer
    Experience 3 Years
    Gender Male
  • Industry Energy
    Qualification Diploma
    Salary As per Organization Salary Scale
  • Number of Opportunities 1
    Vacancy Number BG/MC/Technical/2022-02
    Location Kabul
Job Description

About Baheer Group (BG):

We are one of the best packaging and printing solutions in Afghanistan. As a manufacturer of corrugated paper, Baheer Group of Companies has emerged as the best. Our work is specialized in providing the best design in packaging and printing. We use advance technology and undergo continuous research to provide sustainable packaging. Our packaging is directed to every type of industry, including private and public. As an award-winning corporation, our aim is to drive ourselves in order to meet high-quality packaging and printing that is also reliable. Baheer Group of Companies has














established itself as a reliable corporation that is directed to provide solutions to meet the ultimate packaging and printing services. Our services include designing and producing of even promotional materials so that our clients can have a better understanding of what we actually do. Since 1997, we have been acting as a leading innovator and manufacturer in packaging and printing. Our successful business in Afghanistan has been possible because of the trust we received from our clients. We believe in commitment towards our services. Towards that end, we work on a synchronized infrastructure so that we are able to provide outstanding levels of performance. Being able to maintain the quality of our services has definitely helped us to become leaders in printing and packaging industry. Baheer Group of Companies has established itself as the best corporation providing services in printing and packaging. Our three branched solutions have attained high levels of success in this industry. In Afghanistan, we have been able to operate since 1997 after successfully registering with Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA). Apart from printing and packaging, our company is deeply focused on designing and production of promotional materials as per the requirement of our clients. In addition, we provide printing machinery with guarantee of after sales services. Our operations are directed towards being able to survive in the competitive market. Baheer Group of Companies since its inception has tried to inculcate an effective management system in developing excellent printing and packaging levels. We take pride in claiming that dedication and commitment towards providing the best services have made us a leader in this industry. By offering a broad range of printing and packaging services, we consider our services unique. Our other services include graphic designing and copying at a great speed and texture. Being an innovative, proactive and service-oriented entity, providing quality printing solutions at competitive prices, BGC vision is to provide major corporations and organizations with value-added commercial printing, folding packaging and related services. Quality is not just a concept for BGC but also a way of life. For the last few years we have managed to have a clean and clear record all over. In 2012, we imported the CTCP technology to Afghanistan for the first time and since then these are in operation serving the market in printing obligations. BGC’s slogan reflects what they achieve with every job printed. Quality is our priority as we strive for greatness. The company’s certificates and appreciation letters on its good performance are self-evident. In 1991, BGC changed the old lionized method of printing into computer to film. It was also the first company in Afghanistan who introduced computer by not only importing but also teaching it. Moreover, BGC printed the first newspaper using computer to film technology. BGC is staffed with highly competitive, passionate, knowledgeable and professional employees. Their dedication and loyalty to their work has made the company grow at an unimaginable pace. BGC strongly believes in professional relationships with its customers that are based on trust, reliability, understanding and mutual respect. Our customers are proud to claim that every single requirement is met at the high standard. Hence, they are so consistent and loyal to the company. The company believes its personnel as it is real asset which keeps bringing new ideas and innovative solutions. Despite being the biggest printing press in Afghanistan, it has the largest importer of offset paper and printing machinery. The company is supplying almost 65% of all types of papers and printing consumables to the Afghan market. BGC also have Asian, European and Middle East trade partners for trading in offset printing machinery. We also have joint-venture/ subcontract agreements with PT Gramedia, Asia Pulp Paper, and Tijiwi Kimia in Indonesia. If necessary, we can use them as subcontracts. It is worth mentioning that BGC has been dominant on the printing industry in Afghanistan. It has successfully managed to print all kinds of school and college textbooks for years and effectively executed 9 major contracts with the Ministry of Education, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The company is proud that all contracts assigned, have been managed professionally and efficiently.

Job Summary:

تخنیک کار موظف است تا کارها و وظایف محوله خویش را به درستی بدون کدام معطلی در اسرع وقت انجام دهد و همچنان وی مکلف میباشد تا تمام کارها با در نظر داشت لایحه وظایف خویش و مشوره با آمر مستقیم انجام دهد تا از بروز سکتگی جلوگیری گردد و همچنان در کار های آلات ماشینری وقفه ایجاد نگردد و کار های ذیل قابل اجراء میباشد.

Duties & Responsibilities:

·             گریس کاری آلات ماشینری و همچنان چک کردن بیرنگ ها – شافت و سلندر های ماشین

·             چک کردن گیربکس ها و گراری ها و همچنان خبر گیری از داشتن سیایل ها

·             چک کردن سیستم هو و لیگی هوا از پایپ ها.

·             استفاده درست از وسایل تخنیکی و همچنان جمع آوری سامان الات تخنیک از محوطه کاری که قبلآ انجام شده.

·             قرار دادن تمام وسایل بعد از ختم کار در جا هایکه از قبلا تعین شده

·             پاک کاری ورکشاپ همه روزه

·             لیست گرفتن از کمبودی های سامان آلات تخنیک و راپور آن برای سوپروایزر در اسرع وقت

·             در صورت ضرورت اضافه کاری اجباری میباشد.

·             چک کردن آلات ماشینری حتمی بوده و در صورت مشاهده گدام عوارض و مشکلات برای مسول بخش در اسرع وقت احوال داده شود.

Job Requirement:

فارغ صنف چهارده میخانیکی باشد

تجربه کاری حداقل دو سال در ورکشاپ داشته باشد

آشنایی با زبان انکیسی داشته باشد

بلدیت به فلز کاری داشته باشد

آشنایی و بلدیت همراه گریس کاری و مبلایل تبدیلی داشته باشد

بلدیت به سیستم هایدرولیک داشته باشد

بلدیت به واحد اندازه گیری را داشته باشد

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul











Submission Guideline:

متقاضی محترم میتوانید خلاص سوانع خویش را به ایمیل آدرس ذیل بفرستید

کاندیدای محترم که برای مصاحبه خواسته میشود که تمام معیارهای پوست خالی هذا را تکمیل نموده باشند

لطفآ‌ خلاص سوانع خویش را چنین بفرستید


Submission Email:

  [email protected]