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  • Career Level Officer
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    Location Kabul
Job Description

About MAGNA:


MAGNA is a medical humanitarian organization that has been actively working worldwide and providing humanitarian aid for more than 20 years. Now our projects cover about 15 countries. The largest programs are deployed in Congo (DR), Syria, South Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine. We implement our humanitarian aid projects by working directly with the medical institutions and supporting doctors provided direct emergency medical care to patients who need it.

MAGNA operates internationally and provides assistance to children and their families in need, including victims of natural disasters, wars and conflicts. In the field we maintain doctors and medical staff but also technical and other specialists, providing humanitarian assistance and help to treat children and their families.

MAGNA focusing on Health, Nutrition and MHPSS projects, primarily aimed at saving lives and alleviating the suffering of those in need. Armed conflicts and unstable political situations have a devastating impact on ordinary people. Consequences, often associated with inadequate local health services, commonly include direct violence, forced displacement, epidemics, famine, and psychological trauma. Providing medical assistance to victims of conflicts and crises is MAGNA workers’ top priority. Alleviating suffering from infectious diseases neglected by local structures is another major area of MAGNA’s focus.

Job Summary:

Performing the tasks of transporting authorized goods and passengers in MAGNA vehicle, ensuring its technical and safety conditions and respecting the country’s traffic rules and MAGNA security rules, in order to provide a safe, smooth and efficient service.

Duties & Responsibilities:

–        Checking daily, the technical conditions of the assigned vehicle (state of the tires, oil, fuel, brakes, radio equipment, spare parts, etc.), performing weekly check according to the MAGNA Logbook, refilling it when necessary, and keeping it clean to ensure it can be driven in perfect conditions. Carrying out a hand over if another uses the vehicle

–        Ensuring the security of passengers in the vehicle, driving carefully, observing speed limits and traffic rules in the country as well as MAGNA security rules, in order to avoid car accidents.

–         Ensuring all passengers have all necessary papers in order before travelling, and ensuring none  MAGNA staff sign disclaimers of responsibility before using the vehicle

–        Ensuring correct loading and unloading of the vehicle, submitting the documents to the receiver of the goods, checking the status of delivered goods, returning the duly completed documents to Logistics and ensuring that the goods have the necessary documents

–        Ensuring that all vehicle documents and the driver’s driving license are valid and in the vehicle.

–        Informing the line manager of any incident involving the transportation of passengers and/or goods.

–        Knowing how to use all types of radios, codes, call numbers and radio alphabets by heart and communicating with base according to MAGNA communications policy to inform the driver’s position and any potential implications.

–        Knowing and respecting the security rules related to vehicle movements, specifically those related to customs, checkpoints and roadblocks. Ensuring all passengers know and respect the security rules

–        Must wear seatbelts before driving and make sure the passengers wear the seatbelt too.

–        Adjust vehicle speed to road conditions and drive with consideration for the safety of passengers and other road users. Always respect traffic rules, 50 km/h in the city and 80 km/h on the highway.

–        Park the car inside MAGNA compound or as near as possible of the compound.

–        Should not transport more people than the number of seats available in the vehicle.

–        Make sure to have an always-emergency tools kit, spare parts, and spare tire.

–        Never overtake from the right side of the car and make sure the light of the car is switched on while it is dark.

–        Do not use a mobile phone while driving, In case of an emergency pull over the car and answer the phone.

–        No, overtake without perfect visibility (zigzag turns are forbidden)

Avoid movement while receiving an unsecured alert from the Security officer










Job Requirement:


Essential literacy and driving license. Good knowledge of country roads


Essential 3 years minimum of previous driving experience

Desirable experience with specific vehicles to use (4×4, motorbikes, etc.)

Desirable in MAGNA or other NGOs.


Essential, Fluency in Pashto and Dari Some knowledge of English Language


Desirable knowledge of basic mechanics

Good knowledge of mission area roads

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul

Submission Guideline:

Please send your application and CV to below email;

[email protected]